Basic – TT1

This workshop lays the foundation for the practice of Therapeutic Touch in only two days. No prerequisites required, just the sincere interest in helping others. Students learn the concepts and practical application of this step-by-step the process. After these two days students are able to practice on their own and, if they wish to do so, integrate it into their work.


Intermediate – TT2

Prerequisite is the successful completion of the TT-Basic plus several months of practical experience.

In this workshop you will deepen your understanding of Therapeutic Touch and add to your knowledge. Additional topics include: the work with emotional states, compassion and intention; research, Colors in Therapeutic Touch, Anatomy of the energy field, basic information on the chakra system, ethical considerations.


Advanced – TT3

Prerequisite is the successful completion of the TT-Basic and Intermediate plus several months of practical work after the Intermediate.

In this workshop the students will look at their personal process in the practical application and the concepts underlying Therapeutic Touch. Some of the topics that are being addressed include: Revision of the underlying concepts, intuition, research, the work with the inner self, more possible applications, how to deal with media, how to answer critical questions, further learning possibilities.


Please refer to the German part of the website for information on seminar dates.

We would be very happy to come to you and teach in your area in English or German. If you are interested, please contact us for an individual offer.