Diana May in Germany


Diane May, a registered nurse since 1973, is a true healer for our time, blending entrepreneurial skills with her passion for teaching and to support the healing process in others. She has an extensive background in long-term care administration, implementing many innovative programs, and is a dynamic public speaker who has appeared on national television in Canada and the US.


Diane has practiced and taught Therapeutic Touch internationally for 25 years. Teaching side by side with Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, and Dora Kunz, the co-founders of Therapeutic Touch, Diane May has moved Therapeutic Touch forward into unexplored territory with phenomenal success.


Now, as the outgoing President/Coordinator of Therapeutic Touch International Assn., Inc., (formerly NH-PAI, Inc.), she combines her foundation in Western medicine with her experience in the field of human energy to create Therapeutic Touch workshops worldwide at the most advanced levels available. Diane is the author of the popular Therapeutic Touch Handbook series: Level One -Basic and Levels Two and Three – Intermediate, and the accompaniment CD “Selected Meditations and Exercises” (Scribe Press, Redlands, CA).


October 03 – 06, 2013

Therapeutic Touch Intensive Retreat


As there will be a practicum every day with a different focus, you will also be enhancing your TT skills. During the afternoon sessions, you will experience and work with different ways to express yourself.

You will learn about your power animal in a way that enables you to integrate the teachings

it has in the practice of TT and in your every-day life. Another focus is the uncovering of your own creativity: What is creativity? How can I integrate it into my life? What does my creativity have to do with my practice of TT?

These topics are some of those covered in this illuminating workshop:

• Daily meditation

• New ways of thinking about and practicing Therapeutic Touch

• Learning and integrating new skills into your TT practice

• We want to look at “being present”, the work and life in the present moment

• A review and discussion of the principles and practice of TT

• Daily supervised practicum in a beautiful, peaceful setting, allows each to give, receive and

  observe TT sessions

• Increasing insights and sensitivities

• Rest and renewal, connecting with nature

• Networking with other TT Practitioners


October 07, 2013

The Healing Sounds of Therapeutic Touch


In this innovative, primarily experiential, one day Therapeutic Touch Workshop, the participant is encouraged to explore another dimension of the Human Energy Field experience. Energy comes in primarily two forms – Sound and Light, but because most of the population tend to be Visual, the Sound aspects of the Energy Field are often ignored.

This Workshop will give you greater understanding into how the auditory sense can be used to great advantage in Therapeutic Touch. The sense of Sound is very valuable in assessing and treating the Human Energy Field in TT.

This program will provide background information on Sound and Healing as well as how to practically apply these concepts to Therapeutic Touch. The large experiential component to this Workshop looks at how Sound can affect our own personal development which in turn enhances our Therapeutic Touch skills.


October 08, 2013

Presenting Therapeutic Touch to the Public


This one day, primarily experiential, workshop provides methods of presenting Therapeutic Touch to the general public as well as to particular interest groups and is geared towards those who already practice TT and wish to inform others how it would be a useful addition to their knowledge base and perhaps their practice.

We will look at how to structure varying lengths of talks – from a few minute conversational introduction to a longer, more formal, presentation. The participants will explore a working definition of TT, content for different types of presentations, how to answer difficult questions and some relevant energy exercises for the attendees of their presentations, audio-visual and handouts.

The participants will leave with their own plan of action on how to proceed in spreading the word about Therapeutic Touch within their circle of influence.